Adult Casting Policy

  • Definition of Adult: 18 years or older and out of high school.
  • Adult cast members will be from Incline Village/north Lake Tahoe, with exceptions made for the inclusion of “special advertisers or sponsors”.
  • Adults who have been in a previous Follies will be notified of the upcoming show and rehearsal dates. They will be asked to notify the committee if they are able to meet the rehearsals and show requirements. Available prospective and previous cast members will be placed in a pool for the casting committee to draw from. Records will be kept as to when cast members have appeared in shows to try to make it as fair as possible, always taking in consideration the needs of the show and the desire to have approximately half of cast as “returning”.
  • The composition of Total Cast Members for a given show is approximately:
    • 1/3 Students from the three public schools
    • 1/3 School staff members and parents from the three public schools
    • 1/3 Incline Village community members
    • “Community members”: Every attempt is made to have a broad representation of active business and community members, as well as key members of organizations.

  • Follies Committee members: Priority is given to Follies Committee members to participate in at least one show.
  • Notification of Show Dates: Official notification will be sent via email to all previous adult cast members as soon as the ISF Board confirms the dates and particulars. SAVE THE DATE ,approximately 6 months before show.
  • Notification of Show Casting: Official notification will be sent via email to all previous adult cast members 3- 4 months prior to show. IF YOU WANT TO BE IN THE UPCOMING SHOW…LET US KNOW!
  • Casting Committee Selections: Committee will first meet to decide the cast members approx. 3 months prior to the show, and at that time will confirm casting selections. WRITTEN LETTER OF AGRMT. WILL BE MAILED TO CONFIRM PARTICIPATION IN THE SHOW, REHEARSALS ETC.
  • First Rehearsal: Is approximately one month prior to show.
  • Challenges to casting decisions: Any questions to decisions made by the Casting Committee shall be made in writing and will be presented to the Casting Committee for review and a majority decision will be final.
  • Becoming a cast member is often viewed as a privilege. Failure to attend rehearsals or be punctual, listen to and follow instructions by the production staff, and demonstrate a positive committed attitude toward a successful show, will not be tolerated and could likely result in removal from the cast. Our focus is on having fun while accomplishing a great deal in a short amount of time. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s efforts towards producing a successful show and profitable event for our public schools.
  • Cast members that are also committee members are responsible for ensuring that their areas of responsibility are covered while they are on stage. In addition, if appropriate, cast/committee members should give decision-making power for their area to a knowledgeable person while they are on stage.
  • Use of alcohol by a cast member during a rehearsal or show could result in the cast member being removed from the show and consideration for future shows.
  • Changes to show (songs, costumes or choreography) will only be considered within 1 week of the first set of all-cast rehearsals (i.e. no less than 3 weeks before the show) and must be approved by the Director, Producer, and Show VP.

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