Privacy for Participants

General Policy for Participants Information

We have done and will do our utmost to protect the private contact information of our board, committee, cast/crew members, and sponsors/advertisers. When such information is needed on-line (and supplied for this purpose) as an aid in intra-Follies communication, we place this information behind secure password-protected areas (e.g. "Internal Area", "Cast/Crew Insider").

Email Addresses and Contact Information of Participants

Email addresses that are noted on "public" websites (i.e. are not inside password-protected areas) are subject to discovery by "spiders". Spiders are automated programs that roam the entire Internet looking for email addresses that in turn might then be recipients of "spam-mail". Our policy is to include contact info on our public website only when we indeed "want" people to contact us for public relations, sponsoring/advertising, or webmaster-related information.

For our own productivity and communications purposes we store email and other contact information about our Follies participants (board, committee, cast/crew members, and sponsors/advertisers)... but we do so behind the password protected areas of our website. By putting contact information in a passworded area we prevent "spiders" and other mostly-legal automatic snoopers from extracting such information. "Hackers" are a different matter and NOTHING on-line is immune to extremely intent hackers. But the "value" of what we have in our passworded areas (internal, cast & crew insider) is miniscule compared to the value that a hacker would see in getting into secure areas of a bank website or other meaty website. Hacking into a passworded area is not a trivial matter, it would take hours/days of the hacker's time. Therefore we believe that the chance of someone hacking into our passworded areas is next to nil.

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