Star Follies Supports Incline Education

11 Apr 2008 - 10:15am

North Lake Tahoe Bonanza, Naomi Freidus

This year the Star Follies proved once again that our community sets its priorities clearly by showing its support for the Incline public schools with song, dance and humor, while raising funds to see that our students get the very best. Usually I write on behalf of the elementary school only, however, this time it is my pleasure to be able to acknowledge the efforts and talents of the parents, students and faculty from each of the Incline public schools, as well as the volunteers and professionals from outside of our little lake side village who moved mountains to entertain us for a good cause.

But this show could not go on without the business community support and then of course all of the folks who attended the show. I went to the first performance last Friday night and couldn't help but notice the energy of excitement in the air as the audience anxiously awaited the first curtain call. The diversity of patrons was also apparent. Young children, tweens, teens, parents and seniors bought up every last ticket to show this community that they care about supporting our schools, which in turn makes Incline a more connected place to commune with each of our neighbors.

The skits provided music for every generation to tap their toes to. There was doo wop, hip hop, dancing nuns and nurses. Let's not forget jungle animals, dancing chickens, macho macho men and men in drag. The Follies had it all including a moving rendition of God Bless America that brought the whole audience to its feet.

Where else but at the Star Follies can you look around and see the faces of almost all of the people we share our daily lives with. There were folks there that I met 11 years ago when I first moved here, and new friends I've made in an exercise class at the rec center. So many of the kids on stage who I knew as toddlers were working their dance moves to the beat with smiles from ear to ear, hardly recognizable from the days of Mommy and Me playgroup. School faculty and parents kicking up their feet side by side was a great sight to see, and made it all the more fun to try and guess who was who up there in their costumed glory.

I think that it's safe to say that the benefits of the Star Follies go well beyond the financial profits to the Incline public schools. What the Star Follies has created is an event that brings together all the different branches of this stellar community and in the spirit of doing good for the present and future of it's youngest members.

I have never lived in a small town before coming here, and while I was driving home from the Follies as my kids were singing one of the songs performed from "High School Musical" during the show, I felt this warm feeling inside me which I recognized as a simple and yet confirming sense of belonging.

Congratulations to all of those who brought the Star Follies to fruition this year! Your hard work and talent are to be appreciated and commended.

Naomi Freidus writes a column for the Incline Elementary School PTA.

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