Follies is our event

27 Mar 2009 - 6:12pm

North Tahoe Bonanza, editorial

which has grown over that period and is unique to our community is Incline Star Follies, the yearly, laugh-out-loud lip-sync that draws hundreds into the Cal Neva Casino’s Frank Sinatra Showroom to raise money for our local schools.

The show is not only a great time — it’s our event.

From doctors to contractors to teachers to Pilates instructors — and students — the cast is made up of our community.

And this year the show’s ticket sales are lagging with about a week to go until the curtains rise at the North Shore state line.

We all understand the economy is a little rough this year, but our schools are as special as they are because of events such as the Follies, which support them beyond what the state can provide.

For ticket sales to remain low would be a shame.

So, if you can, go to the Potlatch and buy a few tickets. In a time when family friendly shows are rare, it’s a great way to see something everyone will enjoy.

Even better — when else do you get to see your mortgage lender in a rock and roll get-up? Or a fire board member breaking it down to a disco tune?

It’s our community, our show and our schools.

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