Thank you isn't enough

21 May 2006 - 2:55pm

North Lake Tahoe Bonanza: I have always marveled at the small town big heart attitude of Incline Village. When something needs to be done; money raised for a cause, there is never a lack of response. This years Star Follies was no exception. Whether providing volunteer time, donations, or ideas the outpouring was phenomenal. This year's show was a success due in all respects to this entire community. My hat's off to all of you.

All should be proud of not only where we live, but share in the pride that our great community is formed by people supporting its betterment. We may have varying ideas about where we should be, directions of planning and vision, but one thing is clear; coming together for betterment of education, kids self esteem, and cohesiveness of community should be one of our primary focuses.

The Incline Star Follies hopes to remain as a community event that benefits education. With your help and involvement we wish to continue forging ahead to make this not just a fundraiser but an event that brings together the community as a whole. When taking an initiative to enhance our kids in an effort to better themselves, we often better our own selves in the process. Watching the transformation of the kids from first rehearsal to the final performance often leaves me with chills and goose bumps. Watch their confidence grow from beginning to end is testimonial of our success. The bye-produce of participating is finding new friends, bonding of old and new, and even a little romance has been known to occur. We invite all who wish to participate to come foward, no talent necessary. The only thing I can guarantee... you will never forget the experience, new friendships will evolve and you will find you have more talent than you ever imagined. Our main philosophy is to have fun, and we have been extremely successful at that.

We can thank many people and organizations for our wonderful 2006 show. I would like to extend a special thanks to Lakeshore Realty, Chris and Patti Plastiras; Dave Colarcheck, CPA Mortgage Planner; and Wells Fargo Bank, Wayne Cameron, for their considerable donations that made this show possible. The Incline Star Follies Board wishes to thank all of you for your generous and kind support and looks forward to the future.

Ron Stichter
President Incline Star Follies

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