Come watch us shimmy, shine

31 Mar 2006 - 4:52pm

North Lake Tahoe Bonanza: Shimmying is a lot harder than I imagined - especially when I try to shake it in front of 15 fellow cast members ... not to mention the hundreds in the audience I'll have to face at next week's performances. I try just to shimmy my shoulders, but my hips on down seem to follow suit.

Yes, it's Star Follies season once again, and as we 105 cast members diligently practice our kicks, turns, dips and, well, shimmies, I hope you Incline Villagers are buying your tickets to the show. Tickets between $25 and $50, $10 for students, are on sale now at the Potlatch for four Cal-Neva performances. Performances are at 6 and 8:30 p.m. April 7 and 8.

If for nothing else, come watch your community newspaper managing editor, news editor and reporter make fools of ourselves, I mean, have a blast.

Also taking center stage will be a longtime Incline resident about to celebrate his 90th birthday, your three public school principals, four town doctors, a candidate for judge, runner up in the Mrs. Nevada contest and numerous 10-year-olds who know the words and dance moves of every single song in the performance better than the adults in them.

Yes, it's Star Follies - and each year the show gets better.

"Every year we always say 'this one was the best', but every year we improve on what we did last year - so this one will really be the best," Star Follies board president and event coordinator Ron Stichter said, laughing.

Star Follies is about togetherness, being a part of a community, Stichter said.

"Star Follies transcends a lot of things," he said. "It makes the community come together and makes us realize what our community is. It brings people together in the audience and on stage - brings people together who would never be together. It's a conscience level of togetherness to help a cause - in our terms it's for education. Star Follies is the ultimate selfless act of giving and being concerned and being a part of something."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

My first time in this seventh annual event has been quite the experience. I don't know where Kathy Goldberg gets all her energy, Alan LeBard gets all his moves or where Justin Broglio is going to find size 14 women's shoes.

This event only comes around once a year and it's not worth missing. So come on out, have a good time and show your support for our children and our community.

Erin Roth
Bonanza Editor

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