Star Follies founder honored

28 May 2006 - 4:47pm

North Lake Tahoe Bonanza:
In 1989, while living in San Diego, Debbe Deverill helped a friend with an elementary school fundraiser known as the Star Follies.

Several years later, she brought the show to Incline Village.

Now, more than 15 years later, Star Follies has become one of the largest community fundraisers for Incline.

Deverill was honored this week for her work in the follies by friends and residents who have continued her vision.

"It was really more of everyone honoring her for bringing the follies to Incline and showing respect and gratitude for what she has done," said Star Follies board of directors president Ron Stichter.

Incline resident Linda Offerdahl, owner of Dress the Part(y) and former PTA president who helped start the follies, said it was Deverill who has "single handedly done the most to bring this community together and support a good cause - our children."

Incline Village General Improvement District General Manager Bill Horn also honored Deverill with a key to the city.

"She has opened our hearts with her efforts," said Horn, who commended Deverill's commitment to education in Incline. "When I came here five years ago I thought I had passion, but her drive far exceeds anything I could hope to have."

Incline resident Bill Weldon, who has been involved with the show for several years, said Sunday's award ceremony was the most impressive recognition party he's ever seen.

"It was all about Debbe," he said. "It was unbelievable that a community can come together like this and honor her. And for IVGID to honor her with a key to the city ... that's how a local government should be run."

As for Deverill herself ...

"I was in total shock," she said. "I had no clue. It was the most overwhelming experience because I never expect to get recognition for what I do. So many other people give selflessly and it becomes much more than a show that this honor is far beyond what I ever imagined."

Deverill said it's hard to tell people about the follies until they're in it.

"It transcends beyond the stage," she said. "I only give a little bit, naturally, and to be able to help other people and create something that we're all very proud of, can network through and grow from, is a real joy."

Justin Broglio
Bonanza staff writer

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