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Student Casting Policy

Students will be cast in the Star Follies in accordance with the following criteria:

1.    Approximately 12-16 students will be chosen from each of the following grades: I.E.S 5th grade, I.M.S 8th grade, & all I.H.S grades. Students from other local schools (in the applicable grades) may be eligible on a space available basis.

2.    The Star Follies casting committee, with input from the students’ teachers and/or principals, will select students. Selected cast members will be in good academic standing, have positive classroom behavior, excellent school citizenship, and a total commitment to attend all rehearsals and shows. Musical talent or ability is not a criterion.

3.    Each year, those students that have already participated in prior productions will only be considered after those students that have not yet had the opportunity. 8th grade students that were in the show as a 5th grader, for example, will be selected at random, after students who have not participated previously.

4.     Selection for the production numbers is solely at the discretion of Don Hertel, the show’s director and producer.  He, and only he, is responsible for the selection of cast members to create the most entertaining and successful production possible.

5.    The casting committee will meet and select the student cast members approximately three months prior to the show.  Written letters of agreement will be e-mailed to confirm participation in the show, rehearsals, etc.  

6.    Becoming a cast member is a privilege, not a right.  Failure to attend any rehearsal, listen to and follow instructions by the adult production staff, and demonstrate a positive, committed attitude toward a successful show, will not be tolerated.  The result will be immediate removal from the cast.

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