Meeting state-wide standards in education and maintaining curriculum to run a school that reaches world class status is no easy task and a continuing challenge in this age of technology. Monies raised by the Incline Star Follies will go directly to make in-roads to the specific needs of Incline Elementary, Incline Middle and Incline High School as directed by the principals of each individual school (the following is an abbreviated wish list).

Incline Elementary School

  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Books and Materials for Early Intervention Reading Program
  • Accelerated Math Program
  • Funds for Science Coordinator and Materials
  • Projectors, Computers and Other Technology Needs
  • ESL Materials and Software Programs

Incline Middle School

  • Technology Needs and Upgrades
  • Staff Development
  • Enhance and Upgrade Reading and Math Programs
  • ESL Materials

Incline High School

  • Math, Science and Language Enrichment
  • Computer Assisted Training and ESL Tutoring
  • Technology Enhancements

Our future depends on today’s kids. Let’s do our part to make a difference in their education and success.

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